Box to Box Soccer Training grew out of a desire to offer a youth soccer training program that focuses on player technique, agility, strength, and mental acuity in a supportive and fun environment. Trainings are designed to accommodate a range of experience — from first time players to those currently competing on a team but wanting to improve the technical side of their game. Players have a ball at their feet throughout training as they increase their skill level and confidence on the ball. 

The training sessions are well-planned and tailored to the age and experience of individual players and the group as a whole. Each session usually begins with fitness, often integrating fun games, before moving on to the technical aspects of dribbling, passing, and receiving — focusing on individual player development — and then ending with small-sided games.

Specialized training opportunities for individuals and small groups are also available. Sign up!

what can You expect?

  • Personalized and small group training
  • Differentiated instruction
  • No sitting around! Players will be active the entire time
  • Promotion of creativity while playing
  • Building confidence and enjoyment of the game
  • Focus on player progression and individual style
  • Affordability
  • Technically challenging
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