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One of our main tenets at Box to Box is that soccer should be joyful! These pick-up games grew out of a desire to create a space for kids to simply play—no coaching, no score keeping, no parental involvement! The futsal games provide kids with a fun, low-risk space in which they are encouraged to attempt a new move they may be nervous to try in a club game, or to develop a different side of their game, or to simply grow more confident.

The kids play hard; the games are fast, intense, and at a highly competitive level; and good sportsmanship is fundamental. Players can’t hide in these small-sided games, so they get plenty of touches on the ball and are put in challenging situations on the court that they need to maneuver their way around.

On a weekly basis during the months of December and January, we email a new sign-up to our mailing list and also post it to Facebook. The first 12 players (ages 8-13) to sign-up get to play that week; a small drop in fee is collected on site. It fills up fast, so look for the sign-up!

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