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In July we offer weeklong evening trainings for several different coed age groups and levels of playing experience: 4-5 years, 6-8 years, and 9-12 years (for advanced and experienced players). Each session develops players’ technical and tactical sides of the game through age-appropriate training. Players participate in various individual and small-sided exercises that are challenging, instructive, and fun. Trainings include fitness and agility, dribbling (ball mastery and manipulation), passing and receiving, shooting, small-sided attacking and defending, and evaluating and reacting to different game situations.

Our summer trainings differ from other clinics or camps that, for example, often devote each day to learning a different skill like shooting or passing. Instead we stress the importance of building one’s comfort on the ball, and then integrate this foundational work into other skill development through game-like situations. As the players grow older and more experienced, the sessions become more demanding, yet the environment always remains supportive and positive. By the end of the weeklong session, players will show improvement in numerous areas including their technical skill, tactical awareness, fitness, and experience with different styles of play, all while deepening their joy for the game.

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We were thrilled with our first experience with Box to Box! This is the first soccer program for young children that focused on skill development in a fun environment. Patrick is an experienced and effective soccer enthusiast and teacher. Thank you for fueling our son’s love of soccer and skill development!