My daughter has been playing soccer since a very young age. While we are glad to see her making progress as a player, we always felt that she could do more to improve her game. So while her regular club is in summer recess, we enrolled her in the weeklong camp run by Coach Patrick.

The daily two-hour training sessions were intense from the first minute to the last. Each session covered basic ball skills and game tactics. Kids were constantly given instructions and encouraged. While I was initially concerned about the 90-plus-degree weather, my daughter finished each session in high spirits and, to my delight, wanted more. On the last day, each kid received a page-long written evaluation from Coach Patrick, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

After just five days, the improvement in my daughter’s ball handling skills and space awareness was already obvious. I don’t know what secret sauce Coach Patrick has. From what I can tell it may simply be that he trained every kid like he or she could be a future soccer star. Highly recommended.
— Parent of an 8-year old summer clinic participant
This winter soccer clinic with Coach Patrick was a perfect learning environment for my son. There was dedicated time in each session to develop soccer skills as well as time to play soccer utilizing these specific skills. There was structure to each session (a difficult and impressive feat given the age of the players!) and a consecutive learning pattern from week to week.
Coach Patrick is an extremely patient teacher. A really great clinic!
— Parent of 5-year old participant
My child has played for a competitive club for years and this has been the best training experience she’s had. Patrick’s approach really gets the best out of each player. Patrick knows his stuff!
— Parent of an 8-year old winter clinic participant
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I really enjoyed Box to Box Soccer this summer. I liked that we played games, but we learned moves with the ball as well. I learned a lot in the past week, stuff I might not have learned otherwise. I know it will help me play much better in the future, and I look forward to doing it again soon.
— 10-year old participant in summer training
My son was sad when Box-to-Box winter training ended! Coach Patrick carefully builds up a practice routine, combining parts that each kid would do by themselves with work done in pairs, as well as more playful parts done with the whole group. He’s attentive to each kid (we got a very insightful final report on our son) as well as to how the whole group works.
— Parent of a 5-year old participant
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We were thrilled with our first experience with Box to Box! This is the first soccer program for young children that focused on skill development in a fun environment. Patrick is an experienced and effective soccer enthusiast and teacher. Thank you for fueling our son’s love of soccer and skill development!
— Parent of 7-year old participant
I liked all of the drills we did, and I really looked forward to learning new skills. The games were really fun.
— 7-year old participant
Patrick had varied activities and games that kept the kids engaged while learning the aspects of the game. My daughter has played soccer before,
but [she] really honed in on specific skills.
— Parent of 9-year old participant
My daughter looked forward to each session—not only did she have fun every week, but she was also excited to see and feel herself improve as the clinic progressed. By the end, her touch was better, she was faster with the ball, and she was more confident. All of this is a testament to Patrick’s skill as a coach!
— Parent of a 7-year old participant
Even though I resisted going to soccer practice,
I had a blast.
Every. Single. Time.
— 5-year old participant
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My daughter enjoyed every moment! Patrick was great showing each skill, patient with every kid, and made sure they had fun while learning the game.
— Parent of 6-year old Winter Training participant
It was really fun and cool. It was pretty hard but I learned and got used to it. I love doing the games and love practicing my skills at home. Thanks!
— 6-year old participant
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