We designed these 8-10 week indoor futsal sessions to provide supplementary, intense technical training and small sided game-like exercises during most soccer clubs’ winter breaks (December – February). The hour-long sessions are offered for a couple different age groups, usually 6-8 and 9-13 years. Small training groups allow each player to receive ample personal attention and instruction.  

We play true hardcourt futsal, not indoor turf soccer. At Box to Box, we believe that playing futsal is key to player development because kids are nearly always on the ball, learning to quickly solve problems in tight spaces and when under pressure, and building confidence while having fun expressing themselves and their individual playing styles. Additionally, some players from these trainings are offered a spot to play in winter futsal tournaments.

fustal training.jpg
My son was sad when Box-to-Box winter training ended! Coach Patrick carefully builds up a practice routine, combining parts that each kid would do by themselves with work done in pairs, as well as more playful parts done with the whole group. He’s attentive to each kid (we got a very insightful final report on our son) as well as to how the whole group works.